We offer a variety of services to help meet your financial needs.


We file individual and business taxes. At Cole & Associates, we will guide you through the process, step-by-step, serving as a liaison between our clients and the IRS. We are a year-long service and are eager to help you today! Whether your company is just starting out or is celebrating its 20th anniversary, our tax services are designed to fit your needs. We can help you with tax planning, business improvement, and tax returns, or just be here for you as consultants. Tax Services include: • Income Tax Preparation & Filing • Amending Prior Tax Returns • Nonprofit Taxation • IRS Resolution & Audit Support • IRS Payment Plan • Federal & State Correspondence • Tax Accounting Methods • Tax Planning and Projecting • Electronic Filing


Do you need help figuring out how to manage your income and budget? We are here to help you. With taxes taking a cut out of salaries, increased cost of living, and so many expenses, it can be difficult to figure out when to spend and how to save the most possible. If you are looking to save more money and manage your income and spending, Cole & Associates is here to help you.


The salary of a full-time CFO can cost over $100,000 per year plus bonuses and benefits. If your business is growing, but you can’t quite afford the services of a full time CFO, we have your solution. Cole & Associates CFO Service can fulfill all of the duties of a CFO at a fraction of the cost. Our CFO Service gives you access to a professional financial manager who will work with you to guide your business to success. • Affordability – You get CFO services at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. • Profitability – Identify which products or services are most profitable. • Tax Savings – Strategies to reduce tax liabilities and improve profits. • Budget Preparation – We do all the work. Period. • Cash Management – We take care of all the minute details. • Decision Making – We’ll assist you with those tough business pronouncements. • Improve Efficiency – We’ll analyze and reorganize (if needed) your collection policies and procedures. • Training – We’ll ensure that your accounting department becomes more efficient.

Auditing and Compilation Services

Looking for a loan? Need financial guidance in buying a house or a car? We review financial statements, create reports in accordance with General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) whether for individuals or on a larger scale with organizations and businesses. Audits provide the highest degree of assurance for evaluators. At Cole & Associates, we use various techniques to verify the accuracy of the information in the statement, and then we give you our opinion and consultation on the fairness of the financial statements. We also provide written assurance that the underlying data has been tested and that financial reports are ‘fairly presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).’ The measure for ‘fairly presented’ is that there is less than 5% chance (5% audit risk) that the financial statements are ‘materially misstated’. Assurance Services include: • Regulatory Audits • Financial Statement Audits • Reviews & Compilations • Quality Control Analysis • Risk Advisory


Whether you need a consultant for taxes, business, auditing, finances, or more, we are here to help you. Our personable and expanding staff will work alongside you in your endeavors and help you determine the most fiscally beneficial steps to take.

Let’s work together.

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